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"The One Complete Machine"

High Pressure Fireproofing Machines

The MonoMate was designed specifically for placing Monokote fireproofing, plaster and related materials.  MonoMate is available in two models the
FP-32 and FP-38.  Both machines share the same basic physical design, the difference is the output capabilities of each model.

3 Bag Machine
Stroke Length: 32in
Material Cyl. Dia: 3.5in
Discharge Dia.: 2.5in
Practical Output: 85 bags/hour
Max. Strokes Per Min.: 33
Pressure Against Material: 1785psi
Power: F3L914 or 50 HP Elec. Motor
3 Bag Machine
Stroke Length: 38in
Material Cyl. Dia.: 4in
Discharge Dia.: 3in
Practical Output: 120 bags/hour
Max. Strokes Per Min.: 32
Pressure Against Material: 2187psi
Power: F4L914 or 75 HP Elec. Motor
Features Common to Both Machines
12 cu.ft. Spiral Mixer
Reversible Discharge
Adjustable Mixer Speed

MonoMate Photos:


15 cu.ft. Stainless Steel Hopper
15 cfm Compressor Volume
Electronic Volume Control

Monomate Left View

Monomate Right View

Mixer Station 12 cu ft Spiral Mixer

Monomate Note SS Hopper
   Mixer Controls Conveniently Located Monomate Operating Control Panel