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Model SV12
"Refractory / Concrete Pump"

The Model SV12, is a high pressure Refractory / Concrete Pump, which can be manufactured in a variety of configurations to suit the customers needs.

SV12 Features:
Pumping Capability: 12 cu. yd. Concrete or 12 tons Refractory
Material Tubes 3 in
Stroke Length: 32 in
Strokes per minute 32
Pump Discharge: 3 in.
Hyd. Piston Dia.: 2.5 in
Material Pressure: 2,083 psi
Vertical Pumping: 350 ft
Power Unit: Diesel or Electric
Mixer Features:
Model SV12 can be manufactured with or
without a mixer.
Three mixers are available for the SV12 pump:
16 cu ft or 1,000 pound capacity mixer.
20 cu ft or 1,500 pound capacity mixer.
3,000 pound capacity pan style mixer.
All mixers come with replaceable liners.
Available Options:
Pressure Washer: 3000psi
Automatic Lubrication System
Bag Cutter

SV12 Photos:


Single Point Lift
Hydraulic Front Jack

SV12 With 20CF Mixer

SV12 With 3300 lb Pan Mixer operators side.
SV12 With 3300 Capacity Pan Mixer.

SV12 Without Mixer

SV12 With Optional Fold Down Door